Valarie, a classy, petite and beautiful lady has been married for 12 years now. Although they have kids, the husband is no longer home to satisfy her sexual desires. Due to work and family business, the husband is always on trips. Besides, since their wedding day, he has gained more weight, “Over the past years, my partner has gained more weight, although I love him, to be honest, I’m sexually starved, I no longer enjoy his strokes, he can never hit it right like before” laments Valarie.

Despite the situation, Valerie has always admired her garden boy James, who is almost 25 years old. “I always admire James, our garden boy. He has a better physique compared to my husband who is now plump, and has a huge pot belly.” James always puts on a vest while carrying out his chores, which makes his bulging muscles more pronounced as he walks around the garden. Tall with a dark complexion, whenever he walked past me, I always felt my heart skipping and start wondering how it would feel being in his powerful arms embracing me or even more having some erotic acts.

Thongs changed when my desire grew for my garden boy and I couldn’t hold it anymore. On this particular evening, I knew my husband was going to be away for one week, so I got home early and prepared some supper and called James in. although he was shy, I wanted to find out if he could be interested me. We start down in the living room having some random stories. While seemed to enjoy the stories, I wasn’t sure how to break the news that I needed him to give me some strokes. In mind lingered the questions, how does a woman tell a man that I love you? While still pondering about it, he certainly got up to leave to the servant quotas.

I quickly stood up by the door and asked him to stay a little longer in the pretense that the night was cold and I needed his company. We stayed a little longer and I could not break the news but let him go. The next day, I didn’t get work, I stayed home the whole day just watching James carry out his duties. During evening time, I prepared some stew and called him in. This time, the anxiety in me was sky high as I anticipated an evening of passion from him. After supper, I told James what I wanted and while seated at the couch, he quickly held me by shoulders, pushed me back, and started kissing me all over. It felt so, nice having some deep French kisses, and before I knew it, he was rock hard and all I wanted was to feel him hit my jackpot. James went deep as fast as he could manage. He began fucking me without even giving me a chance to lift my hips. During that period, I felt like my vagina was torn, I felt more of a virgin again. The act was sensational and pleasurable, and I swore to give him more the next day.

First forward, although I was happily married, finding a companion who could re-invent my sexual wheels was all I needed, and James did that. Before I was emotionally starved, I really wanted someone who could understand my feelings and give me the strokes as I needed them. The next day, James came over to my place and after having dinner we embarked on exploring our sexual life. We started at the couch, where I laid on his chest as he reached for my bums, and before I knew it, His hands were all over my underpants as he took everything off, and started smooching my boobs as I gave him some good blow jobs as I swallowed his cum.

Although it all started as an exploration to satisfy my sexual starvation, it ended up being an intricate and intimate relationship, where I had to divorce my husband and start a new love life with my garden boy. Little known fact, it is the strokes that can keep a woman next to you more than money. Learn to love and lovely intimately.