From a Dancer to an Escort

When I joined college, life was challenging since I could not meet my financial obligations. So, to cut on cost, I moved out of my apartment to stay with my cousin. She was 5-years older than me. Although we are both 5’6 tall, she has a big bust and curvy shape than I do. Every weekend, my cousin hosted bachelor parties in her house, and this where it all started.

I’m a good dancer, and I enjoy having fun and great company. Due to this, I used to get along with the men who would come to the party every weekend. The parties were fun, from dancing to people passing joints to each other, until it reached my all-time favorite, playing dare games. On this particular weekend, we played a dare game of lap dancing, and when I tried it out with one of the guys, I would feel him getting bonny, and that rekindled something in me.

After the night, I suggested to my cousin that we could turn the parties into something more lucrative. After careful thought, we drafted an idea of charging at least $15 for anyone who needed such a service. It turned out to be an eye-opener for me. And since my cousin wasn’t really into the idea, I started doing my research about the typical London escorts agencies. While I was doing my research, I came across this story of escort girls who live in a lavish apartment and can afford whatever she wants by just being an escort girl.

After my research and entertaining men, I made up my mind to contact the agency. After two weeks, my profile was uploaded on the site, and it didn’t take more than 18-hours for me to land my first client.

John was a tall, dark, and handsome man although he seemed to be more uneasy during our first meeting than I was, but he regained his confidence after a few glasses of wine. Before we did anything, he offered to pay me upfront. After a little chit-chat, I noticed he was already getting hard, and the thought itself made my blood rush through my body. Before I even cleared my fantasy, he reached out for my top and took it off as we kissed each other in turns. We ultimately got naked, and before anything, I offered to give him a hand job, something that he enjoyed.

I have had different men in my teen life, but none of them gave me an orgasm as John did. He had a 6’ curved penis. With every thrust, I cried calmly, holding tight, never wanting to let go. After having three rounds, we were both exhausted and just relaxed on the bed staring at each other as we gasped for breath. My first day as an escort turned out to be one of the best sex sessions I have ever had in my life.

John and I still see each other, and every time we meet, he always pays exclusively and write the best reviews about me. However, I’m afraid I’m already falling in love with him, but I’m so scared that it might ruin our relationship if I tell him. So, I will keep my cards to my chest until that day, probably when he will bring this agenda up.

Benefits of hiring an escort through a professional agency in London

Are you thinking of hiring an escort in London but you are wondering if you should use the service of a professional escort agency? If yes, then you are not alone. Some people usually think that hiring an escort via a legitimate escort agency in London is a waste of time and money. However, that is not true. In fact, if you want to get an unforgeable experience from a London escort, then it is recommended that you use a credible escort agency. In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of hiring an escort through a professional agency in London.

All escorts are vetted

One of the greatest benefits of hiring an escort via a credible agency is that all escorts that they provide have been thoroughly vetted. Prescreening is crucial as it ensures that only the best ladies with great integrity are picked. As such, you don’t have to wary about the escort stealing or doing something even worse to you. Vetting help to ensure that you don’t hook up have with a lady who has bad habits or deadly diseases. The main idea of hiring an escort is to have a great time and that can only happen if you choose the best. Professional agencies in London always strive to ensure that they provide the best escorts to their clients.

Beautiful and smart escorts

Hiring an escort through an agency in London guarantees you that you will be hooked up with a small, beautiful, and disciplined lady. Professional escort agencies have a wide selection of girls to choose from, allowing you to choose one that suits your taste and preference. Escort agencies not only provide beautiful girls but they are also disciplined and smart. The escort can take you to high-end parties or high-class business meetings without making you feel uncomfortable. They are also very friendly and fun to be around. You will not at any point feel bored as it is usually the case when you hire someone from the street. Professional escort agencies in London have done the hard job for you by separating the wheat from the chaff to ensure that you only have access to classy, smart, disciplined, fun, and beautiful escorts.

Your privacy is guaranteed

Most people like to keep details of their engagement with an escort private, especially those who are in a relationship. Most men hire an escort because they want to break the monotony by experiencing something new. However, that does not mean that they are not committed to their relationships. The last thing you want after hanging out with an escort is your partner knowing about it. Professional escort agencies in London have very professional escorts that value their client’s privacy. When you hook up with an escort, you are guaranteed that details of your engagement will not leak to the public. The escort will keep the information private because she values your privacy.

Healthy and well maintained

Professional escort agencies in London and invested a lot to ensure that their escorts are healthy and well maintained. Unlike street escorts who are prone to STDs ad STIs, escorts who work with professional escort agencies in London are clean, healthy, and well maintained. Although there are ways to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, the methods available are not 100% safe. It is therefore important to hook up with a healthy, clean, well maintained, and diseases free escort to safeguard your health. Professional agencies in London usually monitor their escort health regularly to ensure that they are in perfect health.

Best London Escort agencies

London escorts comprise of prostitutes that work not in the streets butt designated areas and offer sex for money. In Central London, there are a lot of options to choose from when looking for an escort. The city is full of high class, and professional agencies and is ranked one of the best places in the entire world to find a beautiful female companion to join you for a date and even fulfil your wildest desires. This write-up will give you a brief explanation of five top agencies in the escort business. Each of these agencies can provide you with a choice, discretion and most of all, the satisfaction you are looking for.

Cleopatra Escorts
This is arguably the biggest and the best escort in this capital with an incredible choice of girls. The agency offers professional service and over 140 beautiful women you can choose from. You get access to both outcalls and incalls and different experiences with more than one woman.

V London Escorts
This agency has been around for long, and it is among the leading agencies in London. It offers top class service at a reasonable price. You get more than enough from this agency with more than 100 girls available for outcalls. The agency covers a lot of areas and is found almost in every part of Greater London and the counties surrounding it. If you are interested in professional services, this is your best choice.

Naughty Shemales
The agency is the number choice in Central London, offering gorgeous transsexual women to satisfy your erotic fantasies. It features the sexiest transsexual women and cis female and male escorts. For people who love the company of beautiful shemales with good shapes and features, this would be the best site to go. Some of the things these girls will offer you include;
I. Stimulating company
II. Erotic experiences
Bed domination
The agency offers you open-minded and gorgeous girls willing to fulfil all your fantasies and actualise your naughty dreams. It is professional in a way that the needs of the clients are a priority. You are guaranteed of intense, satisfaction, discretion and most of all a fun experience you will never forget. The women in this place are strong, sturdy and well trained in different arts of bondage. Presently, the agency also offers shemale mistresses.

Bubbles escorts
This agency is the only one offering payment through BitCoin and has been growing over the last years. There are a lot of girls you can choose from the selfy element assures you that the person you see on the website is the same girl you will meet. The agency has built a strong reputation with a lot of experience and choice for the last twenty years, making it a legit option.
To sum up, these are only a few of the London escort agencies but your choices are not limited to these. You can still find another agency if you feel the services in the list above are not up to your expectations.

Dating My Garden Boy-The Power of Strokes

Valarie, a classy, petite and beautiful lady has been married for 12 years now. Although they have kids, the husband is no longer home to satisfy her sexual desires. Due to work and family business, the husband is always on trips. Besides, since their wedding day, he has gained more weight, “Over the past years, my partner has gained more weight, although I love him, to be honest, I’m sexually starved, I no longer enjoy his strokes, he can never hit it right like before” laments Valarie.

Despite the situation, Valerie has always admired her garden boy James, who is almost 25 years old. “I always admire James, our garden boy. He has a better physique compared to my husband who is now plump, and has a huge pot belly.” James always puts on a vest while carrying out his chores, which makes his bulging muscles more pronounced as he walks around the garden. Tall with a dark complexion, whenever he walked past me, I always felt my heart skipping and start wondering how it would feel being in his powerful arms embracing me or even more having some erotic acts.

Thongs changed when my desire grew for my garden boy and I couldn’t hold it anymore. On this particular evening, I knew my husband was going to be away for one week, so I got home early and prepared some supper and called James in. although he was shy, I wanted to find out if he could be interested me. We start down in the living room having some random stories. While seemed to enjoy the stories, I wasn’t sure how to break the news that I needed him to give me some strokes. In mind lingered the questions, how does a woman tell a man that I love you? While still pondering about it, he certainly got up to leave to the servant quotas.

I quickly stood up by the door and asked him to stay a little longer in the pretense that the night was cold and I needed his company. We stayed a little longer and I could not break the news but let him go. The next day, I didn’t get work, I stayed home the whole day just watching James carry out his duties. During evening time, I prepared some stew and called him in. This time, the anxiety in me was sky high as I anticipated an evening of passion from him. After supper, I told James what I wanted and while seated at the couch, he quickly held me by shoulders, pushed me back, and started kissing me all over. It felt so, nice having some deep French kisses, and before I knew it, he was rock hard and all I wanted was to feel him hit my jackpot. James went deep as fast as he could manage. He began fucking me without even giving me a chance to lift my hips. During that period, I felt like my vagina was torn, I felt more of a virgin again. The act was sensational and pleasurable, and I swore to give him more the next day.

First forward, although I was happily married, finding a companion who could re-invent my sexual wheels was all I needed, and James did that. Before I was emotionally starved, I really wanted someone who could understand my feelings and give me the strokes as I needed them. The next day, James came over to my place and after having dinner we embarked on exploring our sexual life. We started at the couch, where I laid on his chest as he reached for my bums, and before I knew it, His hands were all over my underpants as he took everything off, and started smooching my boobs as I gave him some good blow jobs as I swallowed his cum.

Although it all started as an exploration to satisfy my sexual starvation, it ended up being an intricate and intimate relationship, where I had to divorce my husband and start a new love life with my garden boy. Little known fact, it is the strokes that can keep a woman next to you more than money. Learn to love and lovely intimately.