From a Dancer to an Escort

When I joined college, life was challenging since I could not meet my financial obligations. So, to cut on cost, I moved out of my apartment to stay with my cousin. She was 5-years older than me. Although we are both 5’6 tall, she has a big bust and curvy shape than I do. Every weekend, my cousin hosted bachelor parties in her house, and this where it all started.

I’m a good dancer, and I enjoy having fun and great company. Due to this, I used to get along with the men who would come to the party every weekend. The parties were fun, from dancing to people passing joints to each other, until it reached my all-time favorite, playing dare games. On this particular weekend, we played a dare game of lap dancing, and when I tried it out with one of the guys, I would feel him getting bonny, and that rekindled something in me.

After the night, I suggested to my cousin that we could turn the parties into something more lucrative. After careful thought, we drafted an idea of charging at least $15 for anyone who needed such a service. It turned out to be an eye-opener for me. And since my cousin wasn’t really into the idea, I started doing my research about the typical London escorts agencies. While I was doing my research, I came across this story of escort girls who live in a lavish apartment and can afford whatever she wants by just being an escort girl.

After my research and entertaining men, I made up my mind to contact the agency. After two weeks, my profile was uploaded on the site, and it didn’t take more than 18-hours for me to land my first client.

John was a tall, dark, and handsome man although he seemed to be more uneasy during our first meeting than I was, but he regained his confidence after a few glasses of wine. Before we did anything, he offered to pay me upfront. After a little chit-chat, I noticed he was already getting hard, and the thought itself made my blood rush through my body. Before I even cleared my fantasy, he reached out for my top and took it off as we kissed each other in turns. We ultimately got naked, and before anything, I offered to give him a hand job, something that he enjoyed.

I have had different men in my teen life, but none of them gave me an orgasm as John did. He had a 6’ curved penis. With every thrust, I cried calmly, holding tight, never wanting to let go. After having three rounds, we were both exhausted and just relaxed on the bed staring at each other as we gasped for breath. My first day as an escort turned out to be one of the best sex sessions I have ever had in my life.

John and I still see each other, and every time we meet, he always pays exclusively and write the best reviews about me. However, I’m afraid I’m already falling in love with him, but I’m so scared that it might ruin our relationship if I tell him. So, I will keep my cards to my chest until that day, probably when he will bring this agenda up.

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