Rate & Booking

Only dinner without eroticism

Only dinner/events
up to 30 km 3 h. 250 €
up to 100 km distance of my city 4 h 350 €
extension Pro h 50 €

Have a lot of fun together !

only in my city or at my home 1 h 250 €
drinks & fun 2 h 400 €
wunderfull moments with a dinner before? every following hour 150 €
one night with me and dinner

up to

12 h 1.200 €
night with dinner/breakfast up to 18 h 1.800 €
an exciting day

up to

24 h 2.000 €
an enjoyable weekend 48 h 3.000 €
extension every day 1.000 €
one travelweek together? 7 days 5.500 €

If you have other special wishes, which are not listed above, please feel free to ask me.


minimum booking duration

1 h only in my city or up to max. 30 km travel

2 h up to max. 100 km travel

12 h inside the country

1 day arrival in europe

2 days arrival worldwide


up to max. 30 km no
travel up to 100 km from my city 100 €
travel inside my country 150€ +flight/and/or railticket
travel inside europe 200€ + flight/and/or railticket
travel worldwide 1000€ + flight/and/or railticket

all prices includes the actually VAT.


Travel expenses cover all additional expenditures such as taxi costs, catering as well as the additional time spent by me to reach your favourite destination. Travel expenses are not included in my fees and have depented the destination, sent in advance by Western Union.

Deposit before booking

With reservations of more than 24 hours or a long-term reservation, I would like to ask you to transfer 30% of the agreed fee as pre-payment. After the receipt of the pre-payment the booked date will be reserved for you. This date is then binding.

Please use Western Union for your money transfer.

My rates are non-negotiable so please do not ask!

I am only able to accept cash, and respectfully request that payment be made within the first ten minutes of our appointment.