Independent Escort International Diana

*I prefer the payment unsolicited in an open cover at the beginning of our date.

* dates taking place outside my recently city can be booked no less than 1 hours; dependent on the distance, time for booking may be extended.

*For dates taking place outside my city, please transfer the journey costs in advance & for dates up to an overnight outside the mentioned cities please pay down 40 percent of the honorariums.

* only cash in € – no cheques or creditcards

* Travelling costs will be calculated individually according to the distance; inside my city you don’t have to pay travelling costs; apart from that I travel by train aor taxi.

* Costs for taxi (e.g. a hotel outside from airport/railway station) will be added if necessary.

* For a far journey I will travel by air-plane – I will book it by myself. Please transfer the money for the flight in advance, considering that it will take time until the money will be credited (use Western Union) so that I can book the flight.

* If the date will end at a time when there is no more possiblity for me to take the ICE train / airplane, please make available a room in a hotel for my own, or we spend an overnight together. As taxi costs are often much more higher than an own room, I didn’t mention that, but this would also be a possibility.

* For dates outside Europe a booking at a minimum of 2 days are planned as well as an advanced payment of 40 percent. Further more an airplane ticket in the business class and the listed travel costs which you can see on the payment overview.